Dear Applicant / Employee,

The assessment you are about to take is designed to highlight your talents and personality characteristics. This will enable your employer to better identify the most appropriate placement and career path for you, which will enhance your potential for success.

The assessment will in no way constitute the total basis for hiring or placement. It will merely serve as one of the aids helping your potential employer to know you better.

We encourage you to answer the questions as rapidly and forthrightly as possible. It is important, both for yourself, as well as your potential employer, to be as candid and direct as possible in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

Please note below the time needed for your specific assessment. Make every effort to ensure you are not distracted or otherwise involved during this process, as this is important to your future. Please click on the link for your assigned assessment.

Best wishes for your growth and success.

      Achiever Assessments - Selection       Time to Allocate
      Achiever       50 minutes
      Achiever + Admissions       60 minutes
      Executive Achiever       1 hour, 20 minutes
      International Achiever       50 minutes
      Sales Achiever       50 minutes
      Sales Achiever + Admissions       60 minutes
      Sales Achiever + Math       60 minutes
      Math Achiever       60 minutes
      Math Achiever - No Mechanical       50 minutes
      Guardian Assessments - Selection       Time to Allocate
      Guardian       60 minutes
      Guardian II - No Admissions       50 minutes
      Guardian III       35 minutes
      International Guardian       60 minutes
      Performer Assessments - Selection       Time to Allocate
      Performer       45 minutes
      Production Performer       45 minutes
      Customer Service Performer       45 minutes
      Distribution Performer       45 minutes
      Scoreboard Assessments - Selection       Time to Allocate
      Scoreboard       20 minutes
      Scoreboard III       30 minutes
      Best Hire       20 minutes
      Aptitude Assessments       Time to Allocate
      Sales       30 minutes
      Leadership       30 minutes
      Customer Service       30 minutes
      Career Assessments       Time to Allocate
      Career Advisor       50 minutes
      Selection Assessments - Spanish Versions       Time to Allocate
      Spanish Achiever       50 minutes
      Spanish Sales Achiever       50 minutes
      Spanish Sales Achiever + Math       60 minutes
      Spanish Executive Achiever       1 hour, 20 minutes
      Spanish Executive Achiever + Math       1 hour, 30 minutes
      Spanish Guardian       60 minutes
      Spanish Production Performer       45 minutes
      Spanish Customer Service Performer       45 minutes
      Spanish Scoreboard       30 minutes
      Spanish Scorecard       20 minutes
      Spanish Career Advisor       50 minutes
( All assessments require access codes )
If you have any concerns or questions, please contact your employer/prospective employer before you start the assessment.
For Tech Support, email us or call 1-800-333-5852